1. "We all know that adage, the best camera is the one that’s with you. To that observation, I’ll add a corollary: The best lens is the one that’s already on the camera."
    — Jordan Steele (admiringlight.com)
  2. Fungi in the morning light. Scenes from a sidewalk garden.

  3. One of the pots in the garden after the rain. Green and glistening.

  4. The distant hills.

  5. "Sovereignty". Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Old Parliament House, Canberra ACT Au


  7. I have been on a search for the perfect photo cataloguing tool. This is similar to the search for the perfect photo editing software, the perfect photo display website, not to mention the perfect camera that will magically take the perfect photo.

    To work in reverse order, I have the perfect camera (perfect photos optional): it’s a FujiFilm X100S. I have a tumblr blog which may not be perfect but is much better than anything I could create. I don’t have the perfect photo editing software: I use Photoshop. It is well known for not being perfect…

    That left the cataloguing software. Cataloguing software seems to be regarded as an add-on to editing tools and very much a secondary consideration at that. Because the software is trying for the Swiss knife approach it generally means bloat and lethargy. That’s you, iPhoto. Of importance was a program that would render a decent size thumbnail from a large RAW file (33.8 megabytes) and then allow me to open it in Photoshop.

    Naturally I referred the problem to the internet. I can’t remember the number of hits that came up but one of them was for Unbound. The review of it was on MacStories, run by a person whose opinion I respect, Federico Viticci. His review was for the iOS iPad version (there is a separate iPhone version) but the Unbound web site also referred to an OSX version. Federico’s review of the iPad version encouraged me to download a fifteen day OSX trial.

    Unbound works with Dropbox, recognises and works with the way I name folders (this was an issue for Federico), is very fast to render the thumbnail, which can be adjusted in size, and links straight to Photoshop. The speed with which Unbound generates the thumbnail is most welcome as my iMac is a few years old and it struggles to show the screen image of the RAW file as I scroll through a day’s photography.

    The upshot of all this is that I bought it and now have one less thing on which to blame my lack of productivity…

  8. "Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, I ain’t got time to take no fast train, Oh the lonely days are gone I’m coming home, My baby she wrote me a letter."  Joe Cocker

    Overhead rail bridge, Kogarah (suburban Sydney). I, on the other hand was waiting for a slow train to take me to the city where I was catching a coach to Canberra. In another sign of the times, my baby wrote me a text.

  9. "I never promised you a rose garden". Forgotten corner between pavement and car park, Kogarah (suburban Sydney).

  10. Eve’s Apple green grocery in Kogarah (suburban Sydney). It has been a long time since I have seen such a traditional outlet. People were lining up to have their purchases weighed and then pay at the single register. The queue moved quite slowly as conversations between what were clearly regular customers and the cashier frequently occurred. Nobody was anxious about time though. Perhaps it was the joy of being surrounded by goods that were not homogenised and packaged. I love the way everything was “fresh”.