1. In the gardens at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra ACT. In addition to the usual lens profiling, colour correction, curve balancing etc, I applied a watercolour filter. Usually, I prefer to leave my photos as untouched as possible (yes, I do remember what I wrote only in the last sentence) but I thought this photo was appropriate for this treatment.

  2. Floriade 2014, Commonwealth Park, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

  3. The international rail platforms in Budapest; the grand entrance hall; and the exterior.

  4. The Wild Wood (with apologies to Kenneth Grahame). In the dunes at Culburra Beach, South Coast, NSW.

  5. The (very) Distant Hills. East Basin, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra ACT

  6. Shine on, you crazy flower (with apologies to Pink Floyd)


  7. Jordan Steele writes about the relationship between the photographer and their camera and why the right camera may not be the best camera but could be the perfect camera (for you).


  8. Getting so much better all the time (with apologies to the Beatles)

    A few days ago I deleted all the content from my photo blog that wasn’t mine. I am feeling confident enough of my own work now that I don’t feel the need to bolster it with other people’s work. I still have a few videos up but even those will go, probably to my other blog which is more about collecting other content with a few musings of my own. I also sorted through the images that were mine and deleted a few of those as well. I think it’s about figuring out what I like about my own photography and not putting up a photo for the sake of it. I know that some people have an opinion that leaving photos will show the progress made over time (it is hoped!) but I would rather curate my own work.

  9. The Distant Hills. Looking west to Black Mountain from Commonwealth Bridge, Canberra ACT.

  10. The Distant Hills. Looking northwest from Gungahlin town centre.